Dr Phil Holland

Headache Group, King’s College London.

The headache group at King’s College London is a translational research group based in the Wolfson Sensory Pain and Regeneration Centre. We focus on primary headache disorders with a broad interest in the fundamental mechanisms underlying these conditions through to clinical translation and treatment. The group consists of two internationally recognised experts, Prof. Peter Goadsby and Dr Philip Holland, each leading their own research themes. More widely, there is a vibrant mix of scientists, clinical fellows, post-doctoral researchers and PhD/MSc students all working together to help reduce the burden of headaches.


Our research seeks to uncover new mechanisms underpinning these disorders leading to mechanism-based novel therapies that have increased efficacy and reduced side effects. Our translational pathway was recently recognised with the award of the world’s leading Brain Prize 2021 (Prof. Goadsby) and the Medical Research Foundation 2020 Emerging Leaders Prize in pain (Dr Holland) in recognition of our pioneering research.


Our world leading research facilities encompass state-of-the-art scientific laboratories, clinical and preclinical neuroimaging platforms, NHS headache clinics as well as a dedicated clinical trials facility. Representing a unique platform for translational neuroscience research from bench to bedside and vice versa.


We are grateful for ongoing funding from the National Institute for Health Research, Biomedical Research Centre, The Medical Research Council, The Medical Research Foundation, The Migraine Trust, The International Headache Society and Industrial collaborators.


We are always looking for excellent and motivated researchers, clinical fellows and patient volunteers to join us on our journey of discovery.