BASH Headache Specialist Practitioner group

Who we are

The British Association for Study of Headache is proud to have a thriving community of specialist Headache Nurses and Allied Health Professionals including Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Physician Associates and Psychologists. These dedicated clinicians work alongside Neurologists and GPs managing headache disorders and carrying out a range of interventional treatments.

The BASH Headache Specialist Practitioner group supports Headache Nurses and Allied Health Professionals working with headache patients within the UK through access to education, mentoring and help with professional development.

BASH Competency Framework for Headache Specialist Practitioners

As a group of diverse Headache Specialist Practitioners, we are working on a competency framework and eventually hope to offer a BASH mentoring scheme. The mentoring scheme will be set up to support you in your career and to connect with others around the country with similar interests. Mentorship has many benefits for both the mentor and mentee and in a developing area such as Headache, it is very important to share and learn from each other.

We aim to link clinicians with similar interests who will act as a guide, supporting your career aspirations whether they are clinical, research, leadership, or education. This is currently under development.

Our goal is to have a list of Mentors available and further information about mentee and mentor arrangements.

If you would like to connect with other HSPs and help us make this into a useful interactive group, please email