GP Area

Who we are

We are a group of GPs who have a special interest in managing migraine and other headache disorders. Members range from those who work in General Practice solely and who want to increase their understanding and skills in managing headache disorders, to those in Community based headache services, and also those working within Secondary care neurology or Tertiary headache clinics.

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What we do

As a BASH member, you are welcome to join our GPwSI email support group. We discuss clinical, prescribing, service development or protocol issues by email. Members can make use of the ‘hive mind’ and peer support in a friendly and supportive environment. We may share journal articles or clinical challenges for information and discussion.

At the start of the pandemic, we organised regular on-line webinars with expert speakers as part of our ongoing professional development programme. These are recorded usually and shared later with members who can’t attend at the time. We also run face to face study days for GPs.

Networking face to face at BASH UK and other international conferences is encouraged and stimulating.

There are also opportunities to get more involved with BASH by becoming an Honorary advisor on BASH Council. These voluntary posts are opened on an annual basis.


Individual GP members will often receive training from their linked organisation e.g. NHS clinics , National Migraine Centre. BASH and the IHS run regular training webinars as do some pharma companies. Access to Cephalalgia journal is available.

There is no currently standardised GPwSI training programme qualification but this is something BASH hopes to develop.

Resources for GPs

Interested in learning more about managing migraine and headache? The following are useful resources.

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