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Patient reported assessment scales

Headache Impact test (HIT-6TM)

Questionnaire used to assess the negative impact of headaches on normal daily activates.

6-item survey with the following domains:

  • Adverse impact of headache and social functioning
  • Role functioning
  • Vitality
  • Cognitive functioning
  • Psychological distress
  • Frequency of severe headache pain

The answers for questions are scored from never to always with five alternatives. These are scored from 6 (never) to 13 (always). The higher the patient scores, the greater the migraine impact on life.

  • Can be used in both chronic and episodic migraines
  • Recall period: 4 weeks

Migraine-specific Quality of Life Questionnaire (MSQ2.1)

14-item questionnaire with the following domains:

  • Role restrictive
  • Role preventive
  • Emotional function

Answers to questions are scaled from 1 to 6 with score 1 indicating poor and score 6 best functioning.

  • Can be used in both chronic and episodic migraines
  • Recall period: 4 weeks

Migraine Disability Assessment Scale (MIDAS):

MIDAS measures headache-related disability with a 5-item questionnaire

The three domains assessed include:

  • Everyday activities in work
  • Everyday activities at home
  • Leisure activities

Answers to domains 1 to 5 are scored by number of days. The number of days from each question are added together to form total number of days. Based on the total days, a MIDAS Grade I-IV is created. Grade I indicates mild or no disability (low number of total days) and Grade IV indicates severe disability (high number of total days).

  • Can be used in chronic and episodic migraine
  • Recall period: 3 months

Headache Treatments


See our guideline section for NICE technology appraisals and guidance.

Preventative medicines taken to prevent migraine attacks.

Recent NICE approval: GEPANTS

NICE Atogepant
NICE Rimegepant