Our Purpose, Vision, Values, Strategic Goals

Our Purpose

  • To promote best practice headache management for all.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Education of professionals and wider society about headache disorders.
  • Education and empowerment of patients.
  • To promote headache issues to be at the forefront of policy making.
  • To promote headache management as a priority to our politicians.

Our Vision

  • To minimise the burden of headache conditions for all headache sufferers.
  • To live in a world where all headache sufferers receive the support and treatments they need.

Our Values

  • Compassionate - we value compassion and kindness in all our interactions.
  • Collaborative - we value working with other people and organisations to achieve our goals.
  • Empowering – we value education and communication to improve understanding of headache management throughout society.
  • Reflective – we value reviewing decisions and interactions to optimise our work.
  • High standards – we value professionalism and will be guided by evidence-based facts.

May 2024


Registration for the 10th Biennial HULL meeting is now open.

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