Professor Alex Sinclair

Professor Alex Sinclair leads the Translational Brain Science group at the University of Birmingham.

The translational research group focusses on headache, intracranial pressure and traumatic brain injury.

Dr Anna Andreou

Dr Anna Andreou is the lead of the Headache Research lab and a senior lecturer at King’s College London.

The Headache Research lab has a translational scope aiming to directly benefit patients from the debilitating effects of headaches and facial pain.

Elizabeth Huzzey MHD DO

Project Lead for EdACHe – Education and Assessment for Confidence in Headaches.

A three-phase project assessing existing headache knowledge and developing effective e-learning headache education aimed at allied health professionals.

EdACHe was designed and delivered by OPHM (Osteopaths for Progress in Headaches and Migraine) in collaboration with University College of Osteopaths, National Council of Osteopathic Research and funded by the Osteopathic Foundation.

Elizabeth has over 30 years clinical experience, primarily as an osteopath and an acupuncturist, in both NHS and private practice.

Dr Nicholas Silver

Dr Nicholas Silver has clinical interests in cluster headache, hemicrania continua, non-headache symptoms of headache disorders and neuromodulation therapies, in particular non invasive nerve stimulators.

He has been a UK Chief Investigator and Principal Investigator for a number of international clinical research studies and treatment trials.

Professor Zameel Cader

Professor Zameel Cader leads the Translational Molecular Neuroscience Group at the University Oxford and established the Oxford Headache Centre and the Oxford Community Headache Service.

The research team investigate pathogenic mechanism in headache and migraine to identify druggable targets and develop novel therapies.