Professor Zameel Cader

Translational Molecular Neuroscience Group and Oxford Headache Centre, University of Oxford.

Professor Zameel Cader leads the Translational Molecular Neuroscience Group at the University Oxford and established the Oxford Headache Centre and the Oxford Community Headache Service. The research team investigate pathogenic mechanism in headache and migraine to identify druggable targets and develop novel therapies. There is particular interest in circadian mechanisms in pain and Prof. Cader is principal investigator of the Oxford Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute (SCNi).

The group uses molecular profiling from single cell RNA sequencing to deep proteomics; human stem cell disease models; pre-clinical in vivo models; and electronic health record data. Integrating these innovative methodologies, provides a means to identify novel drug discovery starting points. This has allowed the lab to successfully translate from gene and cell to patient; through partnership with industry and by establishing the spin-outs, Oxford StemTech and Human-Centric DD.

The group is currently funded by EU H2020 Innovative Medicines Initiative, MRC, BRC, BHF and industry sponsors.

The research is closely aligned with the clinical services provided at the John Radcliffe Hospital, which has also undertaken clinical trials for the new headache treatments as well investigating strategies to develop personalised therapies. We would welcome enquiries to join the lab whether as a PhD student or as a clinician-scientist. We are happy to support and develop fellowship and grant applications.


Registration for the 10th Biennial HULL meeting is now open.

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