Here are a selection of testimonials from our members.

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Membership with BASH is being part of a community of highly motivated healthcare professionals who are passionate about headache and migraine medicine.

It brings with it access to further education and cutting edge research through training days and scientific meetings that are always inspiring.


BASH have welcomed me in, helped me to broaden my knowledge and share their vast experience in the headache field and their educational program is invaluable for my continued learning. I would recommend membership to everyone.


I’d say being a BASH member is essential to me as a GP with a special interest in headache. Without the peer support from my colleagues I simply couldn’t do my job. The clinical meetings organised by BASH are of the highest quality and enable me to keep up to date and confident I’m offering the best possible care to my patients.

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Enjoyable and informative


Very interesting day

Hospital doctor/SPR/SHO

Excellent conference


Excellent conference


It’s really beneficial training


TMD-enlightening session!

Hospital doctor/SPR/SHO

Very good. Excellent session by Dr Dorman (very practical). Thanks.

Hospital doctor/SPR/SHO

Excellent sessions. Some good practical tips to use in practice. Excellent talk on pain.

Allied Health Professional

An excellent meeting, very enjoyable and informative. Thank you for organising.


Excellent talks. Thank you very much for everything and making this course free.

General Practitioner

I work as a GP and GPSI in headache. I value my membership to BASH which gives me access to educational meetings and a network of likeminded colleagues. Group members are very knowledgeable and approachable to discuss cases.


I have always enjoyed being a member of BASH as this provides an extremely supportive environment to ensure we give the best to patients. The BASH guidelines and Headache Management advice have always been considered as the bible for the UK to ensure patients get the best advice and treatment. I feel privileged to support BASH in its important work

Dr Nick Silver

Consultant Headache Neurologist, Walton Centre Liverpool.

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Sharing experience, challenge, expertise with such a warm, supportive group of colleagues who are genuinely out to help each other has been both helpful and uplifting.

The GP group has excellent leadership and organises GP Study Days each year as well as on-line meetings. GPwSI in headache benefit from invitation to the biennial BASH Headache and Migraine Conference which is both educational and sociable.

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Brilliantly supportive community of like minded colleagues who are open to discussion and very supportive of each other.


Being a BASH members offers an accessible community of respected headache specialists across the UK. There is a very active online group for rapid, clinical discussions, as well as excellent quality CPD meetings across the UK- membership is highly recommended and relevant for GPs.


BASH has been an essential part of my headache career. It has opened up a world of different educational opportunities, allowing me to network with GPs, neurologists, allied health professionals and nurses specialising in headache from around the UK and beyond.

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AL Physiotherapist

As a secondary care consultant, being part of BASH Council is like being behind the screen in the Wizard of Oz where all the work, steam and cogs are happening with headache. It’s a real privilege to have insight and input into the development of national policies, statements and headache education with a wide group of expertise around one table. I have more confidence that I am bringing the most balanced and up-to-date headache knowledge to my patients, team, teaching and colleagues in my local area.

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Being a member of BASH has given me the opportunity of working with supportive colleagues who are as equally motivated and passionate about the world of Headache. The educational meetings are always so welcoming and thoroughly informative. From clinical discussions, to sharing best practice this is by far the most uplifting and inspiring group to be a part of.

AL Physiotherapist