Headache Disorders: Masters Degree Course

I am a GP with a special interest in Headache working at a large private GP practice (IslandHealth Guernsey) with 25 doctors and more than 22,000 patients in Guernsey for more than 10 years and for the National Migraine Centre (NMC). NMC provides remote consultations on a private and charity basis and UK patients can refer themselves for an appointment.

One of the greatest benefits of working in private General Practice in Guernsey is the ability and freedom to train further in a specific area of interest and the funding and support of my practice partners allowed me to apply and enrol in the Masters Degree in Headache Disorders with the Danish Headache Centre & the University of Copenhagen.

About the course

Professor Rigmor Jensen and Associate Professor Henrik Schytaz lead the programme. Their passion for headache education is unparalleled and they are truly inspiring. All the lecturers are hand selected by them and are chosen from the international headache community and leading researchers. The teachers really are one of the major strengths of this course and it is a fantastic opportunity to network with international experts.

The course is 2 years of part time study and made up of 6 modules. The first four modules require 4 weeks of online study followed by a week of face-to-face teaching at the University of Copenhagen. Each module is followed by an essay style exam. Module 5 is 1 week online followed by a 3-week clinical placement at the Danish Headache Centre and module 6 is a masters project.

The importance of multi-disciplinary team management of headache disorders is one of the focuses of the course. My cohort is made up of clinicians from 19 different nationalities and specialities including Neurologists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Neurosurgeon, Anaesthetist, Headache Nurses & a pharmacist.

The course involves on-line and face to face learning

My experience of the course

I have been able to really delve deeper into my passion for understanding and managing headache through studying on the course. I use the in-depth knowledge from this course daily in both my GP practice and work for the National Migraine Centre and have also developed a local community headache service which I really hope will benefit the population of Guernsey & the Channel Islands.

If anyone is interested in doing this course, I would highly recommend it. Further information can be found at: https://mhd.ku.dk or please feel free to contact me. michaellong@doctors.org.uk

Applications for the course are now open and the deadline is 1st May 2024.michaellong@doctors.org.uk

Dr Michael Long

GP with Extended role in Headache, National Migraine Centre

To learn more about managing headache conditions as a GP, visit our GP area https://bash.org.uk/gp-area/

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